Sunday, December 18, 2011

DINGaRING Rattle Teether Toy

How cute are these guys?  Seriously cool baby gifts for newborns and up, but our favourite thing about them is they have an ever so slightly irreverant touch of humour to their personality profiles which are sure to be a hit with the big people!

Tony Tree Fog

Job: Window Cleaner

Loves: Finger less Gloves & Game shows

Hates: Tight shoes & Peanut butter

Pete Penguin

Job:     Bellydancer

Loves:  Sunbaking & Caviar

Hates:   Oil baths & Waxing

Emma Owl

Truck Driver

Loves: Country music & Surfing

Hates:  VPL & Speed Cameras

Betty Butterfly

Salsa Teacher

Loves:  Honey & Juggling

Hates:   Blisters &  Chilli

The totally original DINGaRING range bring smiles to the faces of babies & adults alike. The natural wooden teething ring, luxuriously soft plush fabric body & gentle rattle make it the ideal gift for newborns & teething babies.

These quirky characters have personalities of their own & never fail to get a giggle from the grown ups!
  • Gentle fun rattle toy
  • Natural wooden teething ring
  • Super soft plush soft toy
  • Suitable from newborn+
Available now for $29 each, from Belly Beyond.

Belly Beyond DINGaRING Challenge

Create your own DINGaRING personality, you can base it on yourself or someone you know - funniest one(s) will be published on our Facebook page and you'll win a DINGaRING of your choice.

Here's my attempt:

LouLou Lobster

Job:   Life Guard

Loves:   Shoe shopping & Reality Television

Hates:   Spa pools & Parallel Parking


Jenni said...

Jenni Jellybean

Job: Artist

Loves: Photography and food

Hates: Being eaten :(

Jen said...

Olivia Octopus
Job: Rockstar
Loves:Peanut Butter and staying up late
Hates:brushing her teeth


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