Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Travel Life Savers #1

We love travel, and have experienced our share of the challenges that arise when travelling with babies and young kids.  This Christmas we're putting together our travel tips and featuring the products that we couldn't do without when we're packing the families bags and heading away. 
Safe T Sleep - Bed in a Bag!
If you are going away anywhere for the holidays with your under 3's and you can't or don't want to take a Portacot, then it's definitely worth considering getting a Safe T Sleep.  The Travel Safe T Sleep (pictured above) in particular is our Holiday Travel Life Saver #1 because of the wide range of beds it can be used in.
  • cots/cribs, boat beds, caravan beds, motor home mattresses, standard single, king single, double, queen and king beds!

Original Safe T Sleep   
The Classic Safe T Sleep shouldn't be discounted though, as it fits in bassinet, hammocks,  aircraft-cradles, cot/crib and standard single mattress.

It's cheaper at $119.95 and a great choice if you don't need to use it on a bed bigger than a single.
Key benefits of the Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®:

1. Peace of mind and a better sleep
2. Comfortable, allows natural movements
3. Warm in winter, cool in summer
4. Helps keep face and head clear to comply with International safer sleeping guidelines
5. Helps prevent cot/crib and bed falls
6. Ideal for Reflux, GERD, colds, colic positioning
7. Helps prevent misshapen (flat) heads
8. A safer transition from bassinet or hammock to cot/crib and cot/crib to ‘big bed’
9. Great for travelling, visiting, holidaying and boating
10. Newborn to three years plus

New Zealand parents have voted SAFE T SLEEP the BEST safety product in the OHbaby! Awards.

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