Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow Giveaway


Find this Mumanu photo (above) on our Facebook page and send your answer to the question you'll see to  Competition closure has been extended to Friday 16th December! :)


Far more comfortable than a pillow between your knees, the Mumanu® [m'um-anooo] pregnancy pillow is a self-inflating pillow to use under your leg when pregnant or postnatal. Keeping you correctly aligned, preventing and relieving lower back and hip ache, you will feel so comfortable you'll want to use it long after your baby's born! By keeping your hip, knee and foot at the same height, the Mumanu® prevents you from twisting, giving you and your baby the maximum space to keep comfortable.

The Mumanu® was designed by a specialist in pregnancy massage and tested on over 1500 women. 96% of those surveyed found it more comfortable that what they had been using at home... so we know you'll love it too.


There are so many benefits of the Mumanu® pregnancy pillow.  We've listed the ones we've discovered so far but please feel free to let us know if you find more. We've also written a whole page of geeky stuff to help you understand why the pillow works so well for you during pregnancy (and also for everyone else using the pillow).
  •     Takes pressure off your bladder which means less getting up in the night - What a relief!
  •     Quickly eases hip and lower backache
  •     Keeps your spine and pelvis aligned when side-lying
  •     Keeps your hip joint at the correct and most comfortable angle
  •     Relaxes your buttock muscles
  •     Takes the pressure off BOTH legs
  •     Correctly supports your lower back, hips, knees and feet by preventing twisting of your joints
  •     Can be used safely for side-lying while breastfeeding and co-sleeping

So not just for pregnancy!

  •     Positioning keeps you cooler than normal pillows
  •     Easy to change sides during the night due to its light weight
  •     Easy to use for comfortable positioning during love making (since there’s no pillow between your legs)
  •     Because you will be so much more comfortable, you won't need to turn over so much during the night

  •     Can be used in front*, back* and side-lying positions
  •     Easy to store as it can be deflated
  •     Height adjustable for different people and different surfaces
  •     So anyone can use it!
  •     Solid support
  •     Easy to clean
  •     Comfortable and stylish fabric
  •     More hygienic than a normal pillow
  •     Easy to inflate/deflate
  •     Easy to travel with on holiday or to the hospital, so you can get comfy when lying on your side during labour
  •     Will not lose shape (re-inflate when air releases), so you can use it for your next pregnancy
  •     Non-Toxic
  •     2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  •     Very lightweight and compact
  •     Made from fleece TPU, a recyclable and biodegradable plastic

* We do not recommend lying on your front or back during pregnancy for the comfort and safety of you and your unborn baby.

The Mumanu is $89 and available for same-day dispatch (order before 2pm Mon-Fri) from Belly Beyond.

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