Saturday, August 22, 2009

Belly Beyond TV - Episode 4

A few friends have recently had babies and it's reminded us of that crazy time when every body wants to descend on you to meet the new addition.

Run these tests in your head before you say "yes" to a guest. Get your significant other to do the vetting if need be!

Good excuses for fobbing off unwanted guests include:
(thanks for our Facebook fans for the suggestions)

- we are just all about to have a sleep (From Kerry)
- baby and mum are resting, perhaps another day (From Gina)
- We are just having a bit of quiet time right now it would be great if we could see you at "x" though! (from Paula)
-I left a note taped to my front door saying that Mum and baby were sleeping, and to please call to make a time to come and visit! While some people knocked anyway, most people did just go home and call! (from Rachel)
- we have swine flu (ok maybe not this one, this is my contribution hehe)

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