Monday, August 31, 2009

Belly Beyond TV Episode 5

Top 3 tips for starting out on Twitter for the your business and a sneaky peak at the new HOTmilk catalog! (see more tips underneath the vid below)

Tip 1, get your Twitter handle for your business, eg @bellybeyond
Tip 2, Download Tweetdeck or similar. Much easier to manage the Twitterverse
Tip 3, don't broadcast! This applies if you have a product or service (obviously not where your business is specifically about sharing information, eg like the fantastic @babybitesnz). So unless you are Ashton Kutcher or CNN then DO try to interact with the rest of the Twitter world. All sorts of doors will open up! RT peoples tweets that appeal to you and in time people will RT yours. Just like in real life, talk about your business but not all the time!

and extra bonus tip: if you are including a link in a tweet either use (or Tweetdeck) to make it clickable. You only make it hard for people to see what you are talking about by making them copy and past the link into a browser and most won't bother. If in doubt or you have no idea what I'm talking about just include http:// in front of the www :)

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