Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Yip, it's almost September. How can that be? No matter how much I deny it, we have to face facts that the year is screeching out of control towards Christmas.

But before the big fat guy in the red suit arrives, lets turn our attention to next Sunday, Father's Day.

Funny Dad Story
My Dad had a funny habit of taking his pants off when he got home after a day in the office and just wandering around in his white business shirt and undies. (I didn't think anything of it at the time, it was just what Dads did!) One summer evening he came from work, disrobed as described and had a sit down on the coach. After a time, he decided he should head to the shops for some supplies, put air in the car tyres and a few other odd jobs. It wasn't until he was bent over putting air in the tyres that he realised he'd forgotten to put any pants on!! He sheepishly slunk back into the car and headed for home. Hope you at least had clean undies on Dad :)

We'd love to hear your funny Dad stories in the comments. so please leave a comment.

So what do you get the Dad in your life? Well the little ones can't use the Visa yet but we suggest you cjheck out some of our most popular buys for Dad on their behalf:

Skip*Hop Nappy Bags
Buy a bag this week and get a FREE Daddy loves me book

ERGOBaby Sport Carrier
The ultimate carrier for Dad

nd just a quick note to my dear old Ma who will face her 2nd Fathers Day without her Dad (WWII pilot and quite possibly one of the loveliest guys you'd ever be lucky to meet). Thinking of you. :)

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