Friday, August 7, 2009

The Big Latch On

Heidi and I joined 178 other Mums at Hoyts Sylvia Park on Friday morning to participate in the Nationwide Big Latch On.

I thought it was funny that those who had gotten organised and pre-registered online were left standing in a really long cue while those registering on the day just wandered straight up. Not quite the outcome the organisers would have hoped for I don't think!

With a 10 second countdown to get your baby latched on at 10.30 there were 180 of us simultaneously breastfeeding - that's a lot of lactating in one place !!!

I felt for the Mums whose little ones decided not to participate and thought it far more fun to simply look around and see what everyone else was doing.

And speaking of breastfeeding, our Feed Your Baby campaign seems to gathering legs with Auckland Hospital asking for copies of the poster. (wohoo!)

Check out too where the story appears on their homepage.

1 comment:

heidi said...

Finn looks like such a big boy in that photo! He was almost to nosey but managed a few sucks in the nick of time.


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