Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Zealand Womens Weekly

Our story is in the New Zealand Womens Weekly this week! We had fun predicting what headline they'd run if we were celebs: "Heidi's wedding nightmare" or "Louisa's shock family split" :)

Back in the real world where we aren't or are never likely to be celebs, we were pleased they went with "Expecting Success"

More info on the media page

I notice I'm looking a lot like Heidi though according to the caption!


heidi said...

It's a bit out there for me in pink! I almost hemorrhaged when we were told no black...............hello it's my favorite colour. I'm holding a Giimo Frog Night Light, very cool, Finn has the same one.

Saffron said...

You girls rock! Heidi, you look gorgeous in pink. But I know what you mean about being told no black - I'd die! LOL


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