Friday, August 7, 2009

Mumpreneurs a backward step????

Check out this post from Sue, the editor of

Here is my reply:

I have mixed feelings about being a Mumpreneur. The dream of starting a business in order to stay home with my children meeting the irony that a start-up business is incredibly hard work and I no longer have the quality time with my kids that I’d imagined.

But I hope the imbalance is a temporay one and it is a satsifying feeling knowing that all the hard work is *for* my children and not someone else’s bottom line.

I know a lot of Mumpreneurs who operate their businesses outside the Baby & Child Industry. Graphic Designers, Lawyers and Accountants who have started their families but can’t fit back into the workplace and so start their own business. You possibly don’t hear about them because they have full client lists through word of mouth and simply don’t need the publicity!

When Mumpreneurs are successful they invariably employ other mums. I think they understand the constant juggle motherhood brings and have back up plans in place when employees kids get sick or they need to go and pick someone up from the nurses office.

I agree that energy should still be put towards more flexible working conditions but being a Mumpreneur is not a step back for women, it’s simply another option. And running your own business is a fantastic skill to have on your CV if and when you decide you’d like to stop being your own boss.

What do you think? Please let us know.

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