Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bedwetting - when will my child be dry at night?

Our 5 year old has only just celebrated her very first week of being dry every night - hooray!!   We've been pretty lucky that it's been an easier road because of Brolly Sheets.  Instead of having to strip the entire bed, we just pull of the brolly sheet and throw it in the wash - so much easier!

But that's not to say we didn't constantly ask ourselves when she was going to grow out of it.  In my search for answers I came across some interesting statistics.

Wikipedia says:

Most girls can stay dry at night by age six and most boys stay dry by age seven.

  • Age 5: 20%
  • Age 6: 10–15%
  • Age 7: 7%
  • Age 10: 5%
  • Age 15: 1–2%
  • Age 18–64: 0.5–1%
Fingers crossed dry nights are here to stay, but for now we are leaving the Brolly Sheet on the bed!

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