Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Deserves the Delish Dozen?

As promised here's your chance to win a dozen cupcakes from Delish Cupcakes delivered anywhere in Auckland.

Do you know someone that would love the Delish Dozen delivered to their door?  Maybe you deserve a little pick me up or have an event coming up that a dozen Delish Cupcakes would be perfect for?

To be in to win a dozen cupcakes delivered anywhere in Auckland,simply nominate your friend (or yourself) by leaving us comment on our blog about how a Dozen Delish might make someones day.

You can comment on our Wordpress Blog if you don't have a Blogger account.

If you share the blog via Twitter and Facebook we'll give you extra points so go nuts!!!

We've worked with the lovely girls from Delish Cupcakes on a few projects now and they never fail to impress us with the cupcakes they deliver.  Stunning colours, amazing icing, oh and yes they taste as delicious as they look!!


lilye0 said...

I'd love to nominate my sister to receive the cupcakes. She has been through a rough patch with her partner and is living with me while they sort things out. I recently came back from a weekend away to find that she had cleaned my house up for me after listening to me saying how stressed I was about not being able to get on top of the housework as my baby was needing my attention all the time. She also has a young baby herself so I know how little time she has as well, making what she did for me even more special

noisybabe007 said...

I would like to nominate my husband, who's birthday is this week - this would be an awesome treat!!

tartankiwi said...

Having only worked with my husband for 6 months, Shirley-Marie generously gave us her mountain buggy when she heard that we were expecting our first child. She knew that we did not have any family nearby and so stepped in to fill a gap. Twenty months on and she is in the final weeks of her third pregnancy and we are in Christchurch with the mountain buggy... We may not be able to easily return the buggy, but we are able to nominate her for some cupcakes. What pregnant Mum wouldn't appreciate that!?!

Mrs M said...

I would like to nominate a special friend. She is a wonderful mother and wife and an inspiration in many ways. And she has kept my daughter supplied with cute shoes!! ;)


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