Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skip*Hop Pop Flower - Pop Out in Style

Spring has popped early at Belly Beyond with the new Pop Flower range from Skip*Hop. 

The Duo features loads of pockets to stash all things baby related. It also comes with convenient Shuttle Clips that attach to the handle bars of any stroller. There are two zip pockets as well as magnetic closures on the others and a comfortable shoulder strap pad. There's a pocket for your cell phone as well as a mesh pocket for water bottle or sunnies.  There aren't thermal bottle pockets in these bags because Skip*Hop is one of the few companies that knows so many of us breastfeed now, that a thermal pockets are a bit unnecessary and a thermal bottle holder will really just sit in the back of the cupboard anyway!

The Dash has 11 spacious pockets, including a zippered compartment for your personal items. It also includes the Shuttle Clips, magnetic closures for pockets and a comfortable shoulder pad.

Check them out online, along with our huge range of Nappy Bags here

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