Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ultimate Product Review - ERGObaby A Year in the Life

Guest Blogger: Gill, our Year in a Life Winner

 9th August 2010 - 3 weeks old

So far, so FABULOUS! I just love my ErgoBaby, so does my son William. He is so settled and sleeps well when he is snuggled in the Heart2Heart. Since William is only a few weeks old, we haven’t been out that much, but when we have the ErgoBaby is my preferred choice of carrying him. The 2 times I have used the old stroller has just been annoying, cumbersome and baby doesn’t settle well. Also the weather has been so miserable, our journeys have just been limited to inside venues such as the mall. Not very exciting outings, but so easy when going in and out of the shops.

The other day I also got to use the rain hood to keep baby dry! I loved it, just being able to pull it out to shelter him as I dodged the rain– its great! He stayed warm and dry and completely covered up. Also I love the front zip pocket – perfect for cell phone, tissues & a muslin facecloth.

We also went out to dinner at a Restaurant and I just unclipped the straps and held him in the Heart2Heart, even managed to breastfeed him – all while he was still snuggled up. The Heart2Heart also provided a bit of privacy while feeding him, which was a bonus.

All in all, I really love the carrier. It’s comfy, great quality and feels very secure. It’s easy to use, even on my own to get William in and out. Tomorrow he will be 4 weeks old – the adventure is just beginning.

15th August 2010 - 1 month old

I can't tell you how much we love the carrier! It is so perfect for me. I love carrying my baby and he loves to be snuggled in and falls asleep with in minutes. Life this time around with our newborn is completely different in a great way. I was so sick for a long time after my other 2 babies and could barely hold them or lift them up. So this time around I'm not sick and I'm not putting my baby down!! So thank you again so much for this opportunity :-) I'm very grateful! Hubby & I feel very blessed.

We went to Sumner beach on Tuesday and I climbed all over the rocks, went in a cave and hubby took lots of photos, we went out for dinner and I held William in the Heart2Heart only - plus at the end of the week we are going to Queenstown to stay in a family house, and all we are taking is the Ergobaby - no stroller!!. So its going to be great not having to fit a stroller in the boot and also when we are up in the snow and around the lake etc. There will be a ton of photos for your blog (this time with Mike wearing the Ergobaby) Might even try and carry our 3yr old son - he is just over 18kgs.

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