Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cuddledry Bath Towel SALE

50% off the AMAZING Cuddledry!

The Cuddledry is the ultimate baby shower gift so stock up - they never need know you paid half price!

Was $79.95 now only $39.98!  Buy now

Stocks are limited and I know we say this all the time, but it really is a case of first in first served and at $39.98 they simply are not going to last long!.  Available in Oatmeal, White, Pink or Blue, check out the four colour options here

And don't forget we have FREE delivery at the moment on all orders within NZ over $50

So what exactly is so great about a Cuddledry?
There are a few products on Belly Beyond that we have particular soft spots for.  The ERGObaby is one and the other has to be the Cuddledry Bath Towel.   Both Heidi and I have one and it's fair to say we've absolutely thrashed them.  They get washed and thrown in the dryer time and time again time and still look brand new years later. 

Apart from the convenience of being able to be hands-free while getting baby into towel straight out of the bath, the major reason why we love the Cuddledry is what it's made of.  The organic cotton and bamboo fibre is honestly magic - its massively absorbant which means it pulls away the water and this means that underneath the towel your little one is snuggly warm.

Master almost 3 insists on his Cuddledry after every bath or shower, I wrap him up in it and he's fine and dandy for as long as I need to faff about, either helping his sister, or getting dinner, or Facebooking working.  I know he's not going to freeze and that he's lovely and warm until I can get to him to get him in his PJs.

Newborn-12 mths+
Learning how to take care of your newborn is stressful enough, without the extra slippery problems associated with getting your precious wriggling bundle safely out of the bath.

Most baby towels are lightweight squares, which parents have to hold awkwardly under their chin or between teeth in order to have two hands free to lift baby.  The only alternative is to lay them on the bathroom floor, certainly not giving baby the warmth and protection they crave when lifted from bathwater into cold air. Both methods upset babies, so the creaters of Cuddledry created this ingenious but simple solution to make the bath exit a bonding time, not a stress!

Cuddledry Instructions

In our experience you can use the Cuddledry as an apron towel well beyond the newborn stage (depending on baby's size just get them to tuck their legs up as they get taller) and from then on, simply use as a normal towel, albeit a super soft and super absorbant one!

12+ months
We continued to use our Cuddledrys as normal towels.  A bonus I discovered with the domed apron piece is that you can wrap them in it like a mummy then 'dome' it shut.   (warning: don't leave them like this they'll try to walk and fall flat on their face but it's a great way to have some giggles carrying them from bathroom to their bedrooms to get dressed).

And the other use of course is as a super-hero cape - never loses it's sparkle that one!

Was $79.95 now only $39.98!  Buy now

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