Monday, September 13, 2010

ERGObaby Carrier - Earthquake Proof?

13th September 2010 - Guest blog by Gill, our ERGObaby Year In a Life Winner

2 Months old – Earthquake Proof!

I can’t believe my baby is 2 months old today! It doesn’t seem that long, then I take a second look at him and see how big he is. He is still very comfy and fits well in the Heart2Heart insert for the ErgoBaby. I took out the padded cushion from the bottom about 3 weeks ago as he is just growing so fast. That way I can still keep his legs tucked up and he just fits better. I’ll be really sad when he grows out of it, I just love the Heart2Heart insert.

Well the week leading up to his 2 month ‘birthday’ I had the most frightening experience of my life!

Christchurch had a 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake on the 4th September 2010 T 4.36 am.

We woke to a massive jolt and continual shaking, but what I remember apart from the sound of breaking china and glass – was the deep rumbling sound of the earthquake. Nothing compares to that sound and I don’t think I’ll ever forget. We had over a week of aftershocks that varied in strength and depth – some very close to our home. We are very blessed though as our home wasn’t badly damaged and the only loss was china and glass.

After staying at home for quiet a few days, we were all going a bit stir crazy and wanted to get out for a walk. So we went to a local lake reserve for a walk. Of course the Ergobaby was perfect for this outing… who would take a stroller for a walk, when there were cracks half a meter deep and some were about 30-60cm wide in places in the Lake reserve. And also I wanted my baby close to me!

We did quite a bit of looking about and most areas were available on foot – so once again our ErgoBaby was perfect.

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