Friday, September 10, 2010

ERGObaby Performance - NZ Preview

Squeeee!  Our exclusive NZ preview of the ERGObaby Performance has arrived!

Here is Master almost 3 and I testing it out this morning.  This is the Lime colour which is AMAZING!!   It's also available in Grey if you'd rather a more understated look ;)

You can pre-order yours now from Belly Beyond for priority delivery when our stock arrives to us at the end of September.

Will do a full review very soon!

p.s. the wall decals in the back ground are from our brand new range Chocovenyl.  I had some to do a review and as soon as the kids saw them they went nuts over them.  We've ended up owning 2 sets!!

And below is the Back Carry video we just recorded and uploaded!


Unique Boutique said...

Love the decals - we actually have the same ones!! lol! and I adore the ergo carrier - does it hurt? I've tried so many and they always seem to dig in, even the baby bjorn

BBBlogger said...

Hiya, nope I can say hand on heart the ERGObaby carriers simply do not dig in.

Our rule of thumb with the Ergo is that if it's not comfortable - you aren't wearing it right! :)

Lou @bellybeyond

Gillian said...

I agree -they are SUPER comfy and no digging in. The shoulder straps are nice and padded.

Unique Boutique said...

Sold - I have just bought one! thank you x

Gillian said...

He he he- I'm probably more understated, so grey would be my pick - but the green is super gorgeous!


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