Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's highly offensive! Shameful! NOT NORMAL!

What do you think that subject title could be talking about? Some vile act against humanity, some perverted use of imagery? um, no.... they are talking about this photo.

Link to Telegraph story

It's a poster that was being displayed in the children's ward of a UK Hospital showing a toddler breastfeeding her dolly.

How unbelievably, eye-poppingly ludicrous that this lovely image can be called "highly offensive". I don't know many mums that DON'T have a similar image of an elder sibling caring for their own baby, just like Mama.

And shamefully the critisism is coming mostly from women who shold be doing everything to SUPPORT the embarassingly low breastfeeding rates in the UK.

As the poster says IT IS NORMAL! to breastfeed.

I am PROUD when my daughter copies such nuturing behaviour, I LOVE it when my 18 month son old lifts his T-shirt to feed his 'baby' which he
does regularly.

In the meantime we've emailed Rochdale Infirmary with our support for their poster!

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