Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wohoo New Idea!

The Isoki Retro Paisley Hobo is featured in the latest New Idea "Style File" section under the heading Catwalk Fashion on the playground.

We are pretty pleased. Now to figure out how to get IN the mag. I had an idea for a great story the other day which I Twittered "I think my skinny jeans are making me constipated" but for some reason they weren't interested. True story. The skinny jeans bit that is! :)

Now the really frustrating part is that our stock is delayed so people want the Retro Paisley but we can't get them 'til begining of June - argh!

Having said that, most have been happy saying it's worth the wait and the others have options for either a Wild Orchid or the Zanzibar

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