Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day means it's Belly Beyonds Birthday!

Wow, how can a year have gone past already? This pic of Heidi and I is taken on Day 1 of Belly Beyond and when we launched on Mothers Day 2008, we certainly had high hopes - we'd done the market research, we were committed to superier customer service and we thought we had a good mix of products.

But really we were holding our breath, crossing our fingers and just taking a huge leap into the unknown.

To give you some idea of the growth we've had over the past 12 months, in the last 2 months we've processed some 800 orders. This is the same amount that we processed for the whole of May-December 2008!

We've learnt valuable lessons too numerous to count and we've made some really lovely friends among both our suppliers and our customers.

We've got 2 brand new sections being added as we speak, with a beautiful range of 100% certified organic products for your wee ones as well as our My Room section which we plan to focus on in the coming months. If you know of any must haves please drop us a line of and we'll do what we do to get it in for you at the best possible price!

Our crazy Belly Beyond member only offer this week was a fantastic success so congrats to all you clever cookies who got 70% off your Nappy Bag - pays to be on the Belly Beyond mailing list then!

So whats been our best sellers over the last year?

1) HOTmilk
2) ERGObaby carriers
3) Isoki Reversible Baby Bags


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Monica @ bpab said...

Congratulations on your 1 year! Well done and keep it up. It's obviously working for you both and can only get bigger and better right?!!
Happy mumma's day too xx


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