Saturday, May 23, 2009

NZ Guitar Record Rocks Out

I went along to the NZ Guitar Record attempt at Sky City this morning, where 730 other guitarists rocked out to Jordan Luck's iconic "Why Does Love Do This to Me"

We arrived at 11am and got through registration pretty quickly and was assigned the prestigious # 0261. The team at Music Works tuned my guitar (bonus!) and we looked around for a good spot (funnily enough right next to Jason Kerrison of OpShop fame).

Zac attracted a lot of attention in the Ergo on my back and a lot of people stopped me to get his photo!

Johnny Love was onstage doing a good job of warming up the crowd, playing 3 chord favourites and it was clear that the room was ready to perform. Some guy from Juice TV spent a bit of time on stage thinking he was funnier than he actually was. Zac must have agreed and dozed off.

We'd been there an hour when Jordan and his band arrived and whipped through the song. They did it again for good measure and it was so loud that I don't think it really mattered what chord you were playing as long as you were having fun. What the crowd lacked in musical skill they certainly made up for with enthusiasm.

The current record of 1951, set in Poland last year, was safe but you get the feeling that if the event is held again next year, they just might get close.

All in all a great morning out. Thanks Jordan, Juice TV and Sky City for putting it together (and to my gorgeous husband for carrying the gear ;) )

(Left: Zaccy sleeping through most of the event - mmm, noice photo of me!)

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