Monday, May 4, 2009

Winners Merino MumCho Wrap

The lucky winners of a Merino Mumcho Wrap valued at $149 are Elizabeth Rutherford and Jannah Kennedy. Congratulations! one of these gorgeous NZ Made wraps is on it's way to each of you.

The creator of the Mumcho, Ute Loerch, is doing a stellar job with these. Mum to 3, and a frequent overseas traveller, she knows breastfeeding overseas is not as readily accepted here in little old NZ. Having a MumCho handy means you can breastfeed any where and every where when YOU and baby need to.

Recent customer feedback:

My "Mumcho" arrived yesterday and after my initial concern that it might look like a tent on me, it actually looks wonderful! My daughter's teacher even said I looked elegant wearing it. Very versatile and beautiful fabric, beautifully made. Thank you so much. I'm flying back to the UK on Friday and wanted something that would cover me while feeding my baby and also keep me or baby warm and this fits the bill perfectly.

The Most Versatile Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Top on the Market

Why would you want to own a Merino MUMCHO™?

—It beautifully shows off your belly during pregnancy

—It magically hides your belly after delivery

—It provides the perfect modesty cover wherever you go

—It’s elegant, timeless and can be worn in many different ways to create a different look

Merino6ways.jpg—It’s made of Merino, a natural microfibre with thermal properties, soft, long lasting, perfect for you and your baby

—It can be used to swaddle the baby, or as a baby blanket

—It a must have accessory when travelling with baby

—Unlike other modesty covers it provides the right length to cover up not only your belly but also your back while nursing

—It comes with a small pouch, and it easily fits into your handbag

—One Size Fits All

—It is easy care, no need to wash it very often

—It’s one of these items were you can say “Money well spent!”. Wear it during pregnancy and after delivery in 6+ different ways. No need to buy any other nursing tops, just wear your normal clothes during the time when you’re breastfeeding. Keep your MumCho in your bag at all times and pop it on when your baby is hungry and you’re nursing, no matter where you are!

—It’s a must have for the mum on the go! No other pregnancy and nursing top is as versatile as a MumCho!

The merino MumCho wrap comes in six colours and is such a stylish addition to your wardrobe. It can be worn multiple ways including as a shawl, a sarong and a skirt!

We have found them much easier to wear than a standard pashmina because the buckle keeps them in place and you don't have to keep constantly readjusting.

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