Thursday, July 23, 2009

From the Mummy files

As part of my life online, I'm on an internet messageboard with a group of Mums whom I've known going on 5 years. It's a great place to hang out and share each other lives and with the majority of members we've all formed friendships "in real life" too.

There were two moments on "the board" this week which made me chuckle so I thought I'd share them here.

Mummy file #1

A friend fell asleep during a night out at the movies. Rather than be upset at the waste of money for having missed the movie, she thought $15 was actually really good value for 2 hours uninterrupted sleep.

Mummy file #2

Another friend was discussing with Master 4 how babies find their way out of Mummies tummies. "How does the baby get out Mum? There's no door down there?"

Mum replies calmly "There is in a woman"

If you have a funny Mummy moment you'd like to share with the Mummy Files leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you :)

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Belly Beyond said...

Another funny mummy moment.

When your 19 month old goes quiet... ALWAYS CHECK.


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