Friday, July 17, 2009

Kind words from suppliers, customers and friends

We've been getting a bit of press lately from the Awards and also our brief Sunrise appearance. But still it was a lovely surprise to get a yummy bar of chocolate from one of our favourite suppliers as a gift to celebrate our recent Her Business Woman of the Year success.

I'll share a snippet of their note:

"Congratulations..., business is hard, long work and it's nice to be recognised for all your efforts & perseverance. Here's some sugar to celebrate!"

And some of the feedback from our customer survey (I'm still working my way through the huge pile of responses):

"I appreciated the email to advise that the items had been sent so I could then be on mailbox watch"

"Excellent phone help"

"We love Belly Beyond - would recommend it to anyone!"

"Love seeing new products I don't see anywhere else in NZ"

But there's nothing like your family to bring you back down to earth. When I told my mother that I was going to be on TV she instantly replied "slow news day is it?" No chance of it all going to our heads here then!!!

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