Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Handy tip for expanding (or non-retracting) bellys

It's so annoying when you have a pair of perfectly good jeans that fit well except that doing the button up is either uncomfortable or simply a mission impossible.

Here's handy trick. I used this during the early stages of pregnancy when I didn't need maternity pants but my own were just a little to tight and then again after baby was born.

Belly Beyond Quick Tip
  • Get a plain elastic hair tie
  • thread it through the jeans button hole
  • loop both ends back over the dome
  • wear a top that covers your fly!
  • Voila - instant pants expansion
And you can get a surprising amount of extra room using this tip although you will need to replace the hair tie periodically as it stretches.

Let us know if you try it!


erez said...
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stickytiki said...

LOL..I used to do that too!!

Kids in Australia said...

yes thats exactly what i did through all 4 pregnancies


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