Sunday, July 5, 2009

Look who makes No.1 on the TV3 News list!

Wahay! We are the number one story on the TV3 News website.

and on the Sunrise one too!

Ok Mum, you can stop clicking now. No, really Mum - stop it. :)

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Gerri said...

Good for you! That is how I got to know about what you do. You may have watched 'housewife superstars' on 60 minutes a couple or so weeks ago. You may have remember the stay at home mom Sonai Williams who started he own home based business. Anyway, I am giving away her book on my blog and thought you may be interested in trying to win it or letting your readers know about the giveaway. The prize will be drawn on the 26th of July stop by so stop by and get in on a chance to win (see below for details):

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