Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rockstar Rocksicles Rock Out at the Heartstopper Challenge

Lou from Belly Beyond teamed up with Lou from Rockstar PR along with our new friend Ricky and together we took the plunge as 'Rockstar Rocksicles' into a freezing pool for 5 minutes to raise money for Heart Children NZ.

The what and why's of the Heartstopper Challenge from the HeartStopper website

It only takes 5 minutes, requires NO training and a little extra body fat may even help!  Create a team theme, come in fancy dress and have a laugh while supporting Kiwi kids with heart defects in your community.

The Inspiration:Every year 450 open heart surgeries are performed on Kiwi children.  During the surgery a child's chest cavity is cooled down in an icy slush to slow their heart rate.
My personal inspiration came from meeting Ava Lea, the daughter of one of our Cake Lingerie Real Mums.  Ava is only 10 weeks old and has a large hole in her heart and will be undergoing heart surgery in the very near future.  Along with her twin sister Talia she is just as cute as a button and when you think of stories like this, 5 minutes in a freezing pool really isn't a lot to go through, to try to raise some money in support of them and their families.

When I was thinking of chickening out yesterday, Leesa from our Facebook page came on posted:

"Good on you guys! My youngest baby boy was born in 2008 with a severe heart defect and had major open heart surgery at only 7 days old. Sadly, he didn't make it past 4 months old. With your help and that of people like you, hopefully others will and less families will have to go through what we have. x"

Talk about inspiration.   We've made the plunge but you can still donate at the Heartstopper Challenge site here 


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