Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sex every day for a month - can it be done?

There was an article last week in the UK Daily Mail about a couple who after 12 years together, attempted to make love every day for 30 days.  Now this isn't a new concept.  In 2008 a Florida Preacher gave his congregation the same task and a book The 30 Day Sex Challenge was the result.

When Mr Belly Beyond forwarded me through the link to the UK article, I couldn't help but think he was ever the optimist.  But it got me thinking.  We've just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and have two children under five.  This coupled with my workaholic tendencies means time for him and I is rare these days.

So we've decided to give it a a try.  We are realistic - I work upwards of 80 hours a week - a lot of that is clocked up at the weekend when he is home so that someone has an eye on the kids, and late into the night when the children are in bed.  The English couple in the article didn't quite make the full tally and they didn't have the challenges and time constraints that come with parenting two energetic, curious and very early waking pre-schoolers!

I am going to track our progress on the blog.  It's not going to be a sex dairy, this is a family show after all, so details will be deliberately kept to a minimum.  I will focus instead on the changes we find in our relationship.

Decision made.  Our self imposed rule for this challenge is that it's counted if one of us has an orgasm.  Mission accomplished x 2 then.  

I found myself thinking about sex as I had a shower this morning.  No, not like that - just working out how we are going to fit it in today and wondering whereabouts and when it would happen.  It might sound rather unromantic to have to schedule in sex appointments but it was quite the opposite and yes, definitely appealed to my list-writing nature.

In the end we sneak away while the kids are watching a DVD.

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NykieNoo said...

Love it! I am sure you will fit it in each day with a little effort, even if it is a quicky. I am sure Mr. BB will be please :)

Bronnie Marquardt said...

What a lovely idea ... and I like the way you are keeping us up to date without revealing Too Much Information. I could give this a try, but would have to find a partner first (sigh)...


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