Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sex every day for a month - the 30 day challenge update

Another week down and now only 7 days to go in our 30 day challenge.

A couple of queries have come up about the challenge that I thought I'd clarify.
  • Although I don't talk about doing 'it' in every days update, the chillis indicate how hot the event that day was.  So if there are chillis on an update then we met the target for the day.  The X means its a big zero in the love shack that day.
  • What happens when you have your period?  Well, I have a Mirena, which means I don't get a period (yay for me!)
A huge workload to meet a looming deadline meant I was a zombie most of this week.  Both kids had colds so were we also having (more than usual) broken nights.  All of these things pointed to our 30 day challenge falling apart and when on days 18 and 20 we missed getting together, there was a definite whiff of defeat in the air.  But in the modern way, I emailed Mr Belly Beyond and he replied:

I understand that it's just the way of things particularly this week but you’ll have noticed that this hasn’t changed my approach. I’m still coming home to help with the kids and still staying up later to be with you (and give us a chance if one presents itself).  That in itself is actually reflective of the good that has come out of the challenge for me, that I want to be where you are.

So it's all good in the hood and we are full steam ahead.

DAY 16
It's the day of our Cake Lingerie Real NZ Mums shoot so I abandon the kids to Mr Belly Beyond and take off for the studio with Heidi at 6.15am. I'm home early in the afternoon and get to spend the rest of the day relaxing and reconnecting with the family.  It's nice to catch up after the kids are in bed and then go to bed together and get back on the horse, so to speak. ;)

DAY 17
I take the laptop to bed.  I have the decency to stop looking at it but this deadline is my total focus at the moment and I'll admit it's a "lie back and think of England" moment.  Possibly the first time this challenge that I really would rather be doing something else.  Can't imagine it would have been the bees knees for Mr BB either.

DAY 18
X Oops it's another late one burning the midnight oil and another miss for us.  I am getting the kids cold and we agree to take a pass.

DAY 19
For those that have been following this challenge you'll know that Underbelly night is like the third Thursday of the month used to be.  Guaranteed good times.

DAY 20
XGroundhog day.  A replay of Day 18 except this time Mr Belly Beyond isn't quite so understanding.  He doesn't say anything of course but I can feel that he is worried the wheels are well and truely falling off.

DAY 21
An email exchange confirms we are both still invested in the challenge.  The positive change in our relationship is undeniable and I'm excited that it's the weekend and the opportunity for us to sneak some proper time together.  It's a fraught afternoon with technical issues and a stupid mistake from me almost causing a complete fail of our deadline.  Mr BB brings home takeaways and the laptop gets turned off for the night! 

DAY 22
Kids get an early morning DVD and we retreat back to bed to prove there is definitely still something to the claim quality not quantity!

So what does Jane Public think of this idea?

I did a status update this week on our Facebook page this week.

"Relationship Challenge: sex every day for 30 days. Have you? could you? would you?"

It was surprising in that there was little middle ground.  The majority response was "absolutely no way" and "before kids yes, but now too tired" but there were a few responses along the lines of "are you kidding?  this is us normally".  

Of the Dads that answered, they were super keen to do something like this - funny that.

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