Monday, May 10, 2010

Sex every day for a month

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During this challenge we haven't changed anything else about our relationship except that we are trying to have sex once a day for 30 days.  It's definitely having an effect on us since we began 10 days ago: 
  • We haven't argued since the challenge began.  Not once.  
  • We are definitely more tactile and intimate. 
  • Heidi said at the weekend that she has noticed that I'm not as stressed as I normally am. 
  • Mr Belly Beyond has been overheard as saying he reckons it's brought back feelings of  when we first fell in love.

Mr BB is heading off for work overnight.  He comes home to change for the trip and we have a quicky before I have to pick up the kids from kindy.   Two positions not seen since before the kids were born slip back into our repertoire.

I'm absolutely shattered after a very long day.  Master 2 up at 5.15am, full day meetings and a lot of set up work for the site.  Mr BB gives me a back rub and we make love before drifting off to sleep.

Night time, when the kids are in bed, is usually my most productive work time and it's not unusual for me to work past midnight.  9.30pm comes around, Mr BB is already in bed, and my preference is to join him so I surprise myself by closing my laptop lid and heading to bed too.

Well it's not as if you can just turn a switch and instantly have matching sex drives.  Mr BB is in the mood but I'm pretty tired again and a nice hot cup of tea would be my preference tonight.  But I'm never one to just give up on a goal and I enjoy the closeness and get another wicked backrub.  

We have talked about what might happen at the end of the 30 day challenge and both laugh that a day 30 blog consisting of , "I'm pregnant", definitely isn't in the plans!!

Day 5

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