Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sex every day for a month

So we are half way there.   Mr BB has lost 4 kg and I seem to have gained weight - how does that work???

A late email that needs my attention means I'm distracted for 45 minutes after saying I'd be right to bed which results in a small disagreement.  I make the point that I will need to work late over the coming weeks as the schedule is so full-on and we might have  to look options on getting together that aren't last thing at night.  We manage to work it out and Mr BB will be coming home from the gym to shower rather than shower there and go straight to work.  At least it gives us another option (and I get coffee in the mornings!!)

Mr BB back from the gym and we meet up in the shower.  Sounds ideal and all rather sexy but our acrobatic days are over it seems as it's impossible to get comfortable (one ear out for the kids doesn't help).  We sneak out to the bedroom and try again although by this time the mood is somewhat lost and I have instructions not to look at Mr BB so he can concentrate.  It could have been a sour moment but it was actually really funny.

Missed the opportunity this morning but it's Underbelly night so all things point to a good outcome.  It actually feels like we haven't done it for a while - it has been over 24 hours after all! 

Well the honeymoon is over.  It seems no amount of sex and intimacy makes up for respect for each others feelings.  Mr BB comes home in a grump and it's not in my nature to be quiet when snapped at.  Fireworks result and not of a good kind.  Lucky we did it this morning as there is no way even make up sex in on the cards tonight.  Woof.

I'm still smarting from our disagreement but feel rather better when Mr BB turns up with flowers.  He smiles sheepishly and says "they're not from me".   It breaks the tension anyway and 5 minutes before Miss 4 is due to be picked up for kindy we get it together for make up sex.  Wham, bam, thank-you ma'am and smiles all round.

I'm away with Heidi overnight at a conference and get back around dinner time.  After the drive and the adrenalin of the day's speaking engagement I'm in bed early - asleep.

So we are 14/15 - not bad for a couple of boring married folk!

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